D-Creators × Tokyo designers week award winning work

My hat design was awarded the d-Creators × Tokyo designers week award.
KOKESHI375 was introduced in Zarigani Works' talk show.


dクリエイターズ × TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 賞を受賞


Grimace Strawberry Dog  

Photo by Suzuki Shin

The Grimace Strawberry Dog has been featured in Magazines, television, movie posters, corporate advertising, CM, PV, etc.   Photo credit: Suzuki Shin



Other Products

Photo Credits: Koichiro Kimura http://koichirokimura.com/

Leather Work

Fashion Show 2008

Winner of the Nobuyuki Ota Award, President & CEO of ISSEY MIYAKE INC. 

イッセイミヤケ 代表取締役社長 太田伸之賞 受賞

Dress that can be flowed to toilet

Winner of Nippori Fashion Design Contest 2007

Dress that can be flowed to toilet

March 2008 Published in So-en

2008 featured on the television show

NHK Tele Asobi Pafo 



『流せる服』 コンテスト受賞作品

2008. 3月号 「装苑」に掲載

2008. 8.26放送 NHK テレ遊びパフォー! 出演


Fashion Show 2008

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